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[Career] VFX with Graphics & Animation Course

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Affordable Course Fees + Best Education = CIT

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Why Should You Choose VFX Animation & Graphics Design ?

VFX with Animation & Graphics design is a career of discover Yourself. Animation and Graphic design is essential to convey information and engage people. Designing is the booming growth industry in our country as well as the whole world.

VFX with Animation & Graphic design is useful all over the place. Most any business could use the skills of a great graphic designer, and since so much of the job is digital, remote options are plentiful. This means graphic designers aren’t limited to working in certain locations.

In this path you can build your own career in a good way (job or freelancing for both)

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Affordable Course Fees + Best Education = CIT

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Course Module of [Career] VFX Graphics & Animation Course :

Our VFX with Graphics & Animation Course Curriculum or Course Module is designed for all category of students, business man, Accountant and any other persons who wants to learn that. (Age Limits : 15 - 35 years)

“Design is an integral part of new media and emerging media which continue to shape our world today,” Bogusz says.

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  • Storyboard and Animatics
    • Introduction to 3D Industry & Production
    • PS interface, Describe Resolution & Bit Layer,
      Selection tools, Brush Tool & Manipulating
      Brush (Assignment – Basic shape object)
    • Pen Tool, Text Tool, Clone Stamp, Healing
      Brush, Patch Tool
    • Colour Correction & Blending Modes
      Dodge Tool, Burn Tool (Assignment – Digital
    • Introduction to Storyboard & Script Analysing
    • Cinematography – Different types of camera
    • Understanding the story & planning for Story
    • Create Thumbnail for story boarding in
    • Final Storyboarding in Photoshop
      Final Storyboarding in Photoshop
      Final Storyboarding in Photoshop
      Introduction To broadcasting & Film,
      Broadcasting Format, Importing Footage, In
      Point & Out Point, Rough Cut
    • Other Tools & Adding Transition
      Placing Still Images & Adding Sound
      Creating Title, Placing Sub Title & Rendering

  • 3D Modeling
    • Introduction of Autodesk Maya Interface Overview.
      Character design with three basic shape
      (circle, squire and triangle)

    • Discuss about polygon and how to create
      polygon primitives.

    • What is the difference between object and
      component mode,

    • How to modify polygon
      with different tools

    • Prop modeling basic


  • 3D Modeling & Texturing
    • Prop modeling ( wristwatch)
      Prop modeling complete( wristwatch)

    • Polygon Blocking of Cartoon Model

    • Topology of Cartoon Model Detailing Topology of Cartoon Model

    • Polishing of Cartoon Model Shading in Maya.

    • Shading with Maya materials. Detail knowledge of Lambert and Blinn materials. (Shading the wristwatch)

    • Unwrapping in Maya.

    • Introduction to unwrapping.
    • How to create UVs with different maps Texturing in Maya.

    • Introduction to Texturing in Photoshop.

    • Unwrapping and Texturing the wristwatch Texturing in Maya.

    • Unwrapping and Texturing the cartoon character Texturing in Maya.

    • Unwrapping and Texturing the cartooncharacter.

    • How to create bump and specular maps in Photoshop

  • 3D Lighting, Shading & Rendering
    • Introduction to Light. How does light work in real world.
    • Principles of light
    • Introduction to CG lighting concept.
    • Different between CG and real world light
    • Lighting in Maya.
    • Basic understanding of Directional , Point and Spot light in Maya
    • Lighting in Maya.
    • Basic understanding of Directional , Point and Spot light in Maya
    • How to create 3 point(key, bounce and rim)
    • light setup
      Lighting prop and character with 3 point
    • light setup Good understanding of mental ray
    • Introduction to Indirect light in mental ray
    • Shading with mental ray material
    • Shading the wristwatch with Maya material
    • Mental Ray Rendering Attributes.
    • How to setup batch render Image base lighting in mental ray.
    • Product lighting (wristwatch)
      Pass rendering (diffuse, specular, reflection, light, shadow and occlusion)
    • Interior Lighting Environment Setup
    • Exterior Lighting Environment Setup
    • Lighting a animation shots









  • Rigging Module
    • Rigging concept
    • Different types of Tool for Rigging.
    • (joint, insert joint, re-root skeleton, orient joint, mirror joint, IK handle and IK Spline handle)
    • Uses of constrain and deformers
      (wheel rotation, handle rotation)
    • chain rotation, global movement)
    • bind mesh with skeleton for body rigging
    • Create controllers with curves
    • Create controllers and connect to joints
    • Create custom attributes and connect to joint
    • Character Skinning & Weights Painting-1
    • Character Skinning & Weights Painting-2
    • Create facial expression with blend shape deformer
    • Create Facial GUI controllers and attach to blend shapes
    • Students Assignment Correction & Approval
    • Students Assignment Correction & Approval

  • Animation Module

    • Maya Animation Interface & Tools.
    • Basic Motion Concept-Translation and
    • The Bouncing Ball Animation Basic


Animation Module &Showreel

  • Bouncing Ball (Animation Principal – Stretch
    & Squash, Timing & Spacing and Slow in & Slow Out)
  • Bouncing Ball with Graph Editor. Understanding
  • The Tools of Graph Editor
  • Bouncing Ball (Rubber Ball & Iron Ball)
  • Floating Animation (Leaf or Paper Floating)
  • Floating Animation (Feather Floating)
  • Create Different types of Pose (Class-1)
  • Create Different types of Pose (Class-2)
  • Basic of Biped Walk Cycle
  • Advance Biped Walk Cycle
  • Attitude Walk -1 (Class-1)
  • Attitude Walk -2 (Class-2)
  • Biped Run Cycle – 1 (Class-1)
  • Biped Run Cycle – 2 (Class-2)
  • Quadruped Walk Cycle-1 (Class-1)
  • Quadruped Walk Cycle-2 (Class-2)
  • Quadruped Run Cycle-1 (Class-1)
  • Quadruped Run Cycle-2 (Class-2)
  • Body Mechanism (Weight Lifting)
  • Body Mechanism (Jump Animation)
  • Create Layout From Animatic -1 (Class-1)
  • Create Layout From Animatic -2 (Class-2)
  • Acting for Animation
  • Blocking with Key Pose of Acting Shot -1  (Using Sound)
  • Finalize Acting Shot -1(Class-1)
  • Finalize Acting Shot -1(Class-2)
  • Lip-sync & Expression Acting Shot-1
  • Blocking with Key Pose of Acting Shot -2 (Using Sound)
  • Finalize Acting Shot -2 (Class-1)
  • Finalize Acting Shot -2 (Class-2)
  • Lip-sync & Expression Acting Shot-2 (Class-1)
  • Lip-sync & Expression Acting Shot-2 (Class-2)
  • Blocking with Key Pose of Acting Shot – 3 (Using Sound)

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface Introduction

  • Introduction to the User Interface
  • Creating titles
  • Editing shots together
  • Working with sound
  • Introduction to Video Effects
  • Using Video Effects for Color Correction and tone   
  • Utilizing Audio Effects
  • Exporting to various Media Formats
  • Exporting to DVD


Introduction to Final Cut pro Interface

  • Interface Introduction –  Markers   
  • Precision Editor
  • Video Effects
  • Audtions
  • Media Management
  • Compound Clips
  • Storylines

Introduction to the NUKE Interface

  • User Interface Basics and reading images into NUKE   
  • Playing back Videos and changing project settings   
  • Merging and Basic Track Creation
  • Rotoscoping
  • Color Correction –  RotoPaint   
  • The use of Key frames


Introduction to Adobe After effects Interface

  • Interface introduction
  • Use of layers
  • Use of masks
  • Using render queue –  Compositing   
  • Using blend Modes

Motion Graphics

  • Kinematic typography
  • Logo Animation
  • Expressions


  • Working with image sequences
  • Pass compositing –  Pre-compositions   
  • Tracking images
  • Matting and Garbage masking
  • Use of Lens flare –  Rotoscopy   
  • Use of heat distortion
  • Color correction
  • Rendering

Match Moving

  • Compositing pipeline –  Object tracking   
  • Camera Tracking
  • composition techniques

Video Editing

  • Repairing and Enhancing video – Green Screen Work flow        – Commercial editing Techniques        – Color grading and Color correction. 



  • Effectively make use of the major video editing software such as Final Cut pro, Adobe premiere pro and Nuke      
  • Create internationally standard Motion Graphics project for Television stations and Web Media
  • Effectively edit footages into several standard formats of Television, film, Documentary
  • Commercials or Music Videos
  • Use 3D objects with real life footage
  • Create stunning, crisp and realistic Visual effects 
VFX Animation Course

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