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Expert Spoken English Course

We Provide Affordable Course Fees for Corporate Spoken English Course in Kolkata

Affordable Course Fees + Best Education = CIT

12 Months

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Why Should You Choose Expert Spoken English ?

Our Corporate Spoken English course is well designed to suit any business professional who is looking for a specialised Business English course led by professional and experienced trainers.

In this Course you would familiarise yourself with up-to-date idiomatic expressions, build confidence in business communication – be speaking, reading, writing English in professional or formal settings.

In addition, every English Speaking lesson includes a practice dialogue, follow-up activity and the chance to write and practice your own dialogue.

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Why CIT is the Best Option for your Education ?

Being A Training Institute In Kolkata, We Offered Best Quality Education & Support, So That Everyone Can Grow And Achieve Their Goals Easily.

10+ Years of Experience

Updated, Experienced & Professional Teachers

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Affordable Course Fees + Best Education = CIT

100% Income Opportunity | 100% Job Guaranteed

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Course Module of Expert Spoken English Course :

CIT offers a customised and practical Corporate Spoken English lesson plans that will help you develop a good sense English used for business and jobs. This Corporate Spoken English course module covers basics of the business language, advanced grammar, understanding social etiquette and cultural differences, etc.

Whether you are a manager or a business professional looking to take your career to the next level, you are at the right place.

Offline Payment Fees : (Installment Available)
Course Structure :
  1. Introduction of spoken english
  2. Verbal Communication
    • Effective Communication
    • Self introduction
    • Greeting sentences
    • What to say
    • Telling and asking direction
    • Telling and asking time
    • Listening and reading with description
    • Story making
    • Quantifiers
    • How to make smart answers
    • Simple description on people ,places and things
    • Simple topics for conversation practice
    • Art of asking question
    • Personal Communication with friends, office colleagues, strangers, relatives etc.
    • Common Expressions
    • Telephonic Conversation
    • Conversation based on situation
    • Idioms and phrases
    • Video Sessions
    • Telephonic Conversation
    • Making an appointment
    • Use of Idioms and phrases in a perfect way
    • Formal interactions
    • Difference between formal and Informal conversations
  3. Non verbal communication
    • Importance of body language
    • How to read body language
    • Know exactly what message your nonverbal communication is sending to others
    • How to direct someone’s emotions
    • How to communicate and present with confidence
  4. Personality Development
    • Personality traits and personality assessment
    • Confidence building
    • Better presentation skill
    • Standing Audition
    • Self analysis based on strength and weaknesses
    • Managing and achieving goals
    • Personal goal setting
    • Steps to build positive attitude
  5. Interview skill
    • How to present yourself during the interview
    • Body language for the interview
    • Interview : Do’s and Don’ts
    • Effective tips for interview
    • Important question and how to answer them
    • How to carry files for men and women
    • Dress up sense for interview
  6. Pronunciation
    • Contractions
    • Basic pronunciation technique
    • Pronunciation of silent letters
    • English intonation patterns
    • Word stress
    • Sentence stress
    • Consonant – vowel linking
    • English tongue twisters
    • Practice strategies to improve pronunciation
  7. British Accent
    • Alphabet sound
    • Proper use of Vowel sound
    • Proper use of Consonant Sound
    • Long and short sound
    • Minimal pairs
    • How to pronounce -ed
    • Practice strategies
  8. GDPI
    • Group Discussion : Definition
    • Group Discussion : Do’s and Don’ts
    • Body language tips for GD
    • How to impress the panelists during GD
  9. Group Discussion
    • Group Discussion : Definition
    • Group Discussion : Do’s and Don’ts
    • Practical Experience on Group Discussion
  10. Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Types of sentences
    • Wh – word and how to make questions
    • Indirect speech
    • Parts of speech
    • Tense
    • Countable and uncountable noun
    • Degree
    • Phrasal verb
    • Possessive
    • Use of preposition
    • Passive voice
    • Modal Auxiliary
  11. Vocabulary
    • Importance of vocabulary
    • Best ways to improve vocabulary
    • Business English Vocabulary
    • How to use vocabulary in everyday life
Spoken English

Extra Course Features by CIT:

Course Materials:  Students Will Get Course Documents, Books, E-boks & Online Support.

Course Rating :

Ratings : 5 star

Student Progress:

Skill Developed 85%
Jobs 65%
Freelancing 78%
StartUp 92%

Course Enrollment :

In-Class Timing

Flexibilities :

  • Extra classes in case you miss few classes
  • Doubt Clarence classes
  • Practicals & assessments
  • Job and interview scheduling

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