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Mastering in Jewelry Design
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Mastering in Jewelry Design Course

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Why Should You Choose Jewelry Design ?

Dive into the enchanting world of jewelry design with our course, where creativity meets craftsmanship. Unleash your artistic flair, master industry techniques, and craft stunning pieces, all while gaining practical skills for a rewarding journey into the world of jewelry design.

Industry Insights: Gain valuable knowledge about market trends, materials sourcing, and business aspects, empowering you to navigate the jewelry design industry confidently and potentially launch your own ventures.

Creative Expression: Explore and develop your unique design style, learning how to turn inspiration into beautifully crafted jewelry pieces.

Jewellery Design

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Course Module of Mastering in Jewelry Design Course :

Dive into the enchanting world of jewelry design with our course, where creativity meets craftsmanship. Unleash your artistic flair, master industry techniques, and craft stunning pieces, all while gaining practical skills for a rewarding journey into the world of jewelry design.

“Design is an integral part of new media and emerging media which continue to shape our world today,” Bogusz says.

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    • Introduction to Jewelry Design
      • Overview of the course and the jewellery design industry
      • Introduction to different types of jewellery (rings, necklaces, earrings, etc)
      • Historical perspectives and cultural influences in jewellery design
      • Discussion on emerging trends in the jewellery market
      • Basics of jewellery materials (metals, gemstones, etc.)
      • Understanding the properties of various metals
      • Introduction to gemstones and their characteristics
      • Tools and equipment used in jewellery design

    • Design Fundamentals for Jewellery
      • Principles of design in jewellery
      • Basics of form, balance, proportion, and scale
      • Introduction to sketching and drawing for jewellery design
      • Exploration of styles and aesthetics in jewellery
      • Colour theory in jewellery design
      • Texture and pattern considerations
      • Introduction to CAD (Computer-Aided Design) for jewellery
      • Bringing ideas from sketch to digital representation
      • Use Keyshot forTexture 
    • Introduction to Jewellery CAD software
      • Overview of the Jewellery CAD software
      • Introduction to different styles and eras of jewellery
      • Understanding the significance of CAD in jewellery design
      • Familiarisation with Jewellery CAD software
      • Exploring the CAD interface
      • Basic navigation and settings
      • Introduction to 2D sketching in CAD
      • Creating and managing projects
    • Basic CAD Modeling Techniques
      • 3D primitives and basic shapes
      • Extrusion and revolve techniques
      • Boolean operations for combining shapes
      • Applying basic materials
      • Introduction to filleting and chamfering
      • Using reference images in CAD
      • Basic rendering and visualisation
      • Project: Create a simple geometric jewellery piece
    • Advanced CAD Modeling Techniques
      • Lofting and sweeping for complex shapes
      • Advanced Boolean operations
      • Incorporating text and engraving
      • Creating parametric designs
      • Designing with curves and profiles
      • Using advanced materials and textures
      • Designing for different types of gemstones
      • Project: Design a more complex jewellery piece with intricate details
    • Introduction to Gemology and Stone Setting
      • Overview of gemstone types, properties, and cuts
      • Introduction to stone setting techniques
      • CAD techniques for creating prongs and settings
      • Simulating different lighting conditions for gemstones
      • Design considerations for gemstone setting
      • Creating detailed settings for various gem cuts
      • Combining metal and gemstones harmoniously
      • Project: Design a jewellery piece incorporating specific gemstone settings
    • Prototyping and Printing
      • Introduction to 3D printing technologies
      • Preparing CAD models for 3D printing
      • Choosing appropriate materials for printing
      • Prototyping considerations and adjustments
      • Collaborating with jewellers and manufacturers
      • Understanding the prototyping and production process
      • Troubleshooting common 3D printing issues
      • Project: Prepare a CAD model for 3D printing
    • Final Project and Portfolio Development
      • Work on a final jewellery design project
      • Developing a professional design portfolio
      • Finalise and present jewellery design projects

    • Assessment:
      • Mid-term jewellery design project
      • Final jewellery design project and presentation
Jewellery Design

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