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MEAN Stack WEB Course

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Course Module of  MEAN Stack Course :

Our MEAN Stack Course in Kolkata Curriculum or Course Module is designed for all category of students (like Graduate, BCA, B.Tech, B.E). A career in mean stack requires in-depth training and guidance so that you can take the right step in the right direction

Mean stack which comprises of the unique combination of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js is now the most popular technology in the development domain. Because of its immense demand, mastering this cutting-edge technology will make you one of the highest paid developers in the industry.

MEAN Stack Course : (120 Hours / 60 Classes)

Course Eligibility : Graduate/ B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA

  • HTML Syntax
    • Forms
    • Image
    • Hyperlink
    • Table
  • CSS Syntax
    • CSS Properties
    • Class & ID
    • Inline CSS
    • Styling
  • Browsers & Editors
  • DOM
  • Structure of HTML Page
  • JavaScript
    • Basic JavaScript
    • Console programing
    • Events
    • validation
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

>> GIT Github And Version Control

  • Angular Overview, Installation
    • Introduction to Angular, Angular CLI commands, Basic configuration & installation, Angular environment setup. Create angular project and understand folder structure.
  • Angular Components and Databinding
    • Angular Components, Components Lifecycle, create custom module, understand the role of AppModule and Component Declaration, component style, Databinding, string interpolation, property binding, property binding vs. string interpolation, passing and using data with event binding, two way databinding. Component Interaction using @Input and @Output decorator.
  • Directives and Pipes in Angular
    • Understanding Angular Directives, @Component Directive, Structural Directives, Attribute Directives Custom Directives, Introduction Pipes, Built-in Pipes, Chaining Pipes, Custom Pipes.
  • Angular Routes and Navigation
    • Understanding Angular Routing system. Set different rout. Pass data using url, receive data from route. Angular lazy loading. Routing using guard.
  • Angular Services and Dependency Injection
    • Angular Service, Dependency Injection, Injecting A Service into Another Service, Understanding observable, Parts of an Http Request HttpClient.
  • Angular Forms and Validation
    • Angular forms, Types of forms, Template-driven vs. Reactive forms, Template-driven forms, Reactive Forms, What is Form Validation? Types of Form Validation, Built-in Validators, Form control’s status and validity.
  • Angular Material
    • Introduction to Angular Material, Environment Setup and Installing Angular Material, Typography classes and their usage, Toggle Button Group Component usage and Example, User of toolbar as Navbar in Angular Material, Use of SideNav in Angular Material, Different Types of Buttons and their usage.
  • Basic Environment setup
  • Node package manager
  • js console
  • CL options
  • Global objects
  • Callbacks concept
  • Modules
  • HTTP module
  • URL module
  • Debugging Node.js.
  • Events
  • Event emitter
  • Buffers
  • Streams
  • js web server
  • File system
  • Utility & web module
  • Files upload
  • js email.
  • Frameworks for Node.js
  • installing express framework
  • basic routing concept
  • scaling application
  • serve static resources.
  • Installation and configuration of Mongo DB
  • Database concept
  • Collection
  • Document
  • Data models
  • Data types
  • Insert
  • Update & query document
  • Projection & sorting
  • Indexing
  • Aggregation
  • Replication in MongoDB
  • Backup & restoring data
  • Relationships
  • DB references
  • Covered queries
  • Atomicity
  • MongoDB ObjectId
  • Use of regular expressions.

• Install and configuration of MongoDB driver
• Creation of database & collection
• Mongo DB queries through Node.js

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MEAN Stack

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