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Professional Node.JS Course

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Affordable Course Fees + Best Education = CIT

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Why Should You Choose Professional Node.JS ?

js are the major reasons why companies are adopting it. Companies like LinkedIn are using it because it has significantly reduced their development time, while for Netflix it improved the application's load time by 70%. Other prominent names in the tech industry that use Node.

Node.js is a runtime environment which allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript.

Performance: Financial incentives would drive Google, Mozilla and Apple to keep improving the Javascript engines they ship with their browsers. Ruby doesn't have that kind of financial backing.

The javascript support makes lots of reason why developers are using node.js for web app development that comes with a bundle of cool features.

Node js course in kolkata

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Affordable Course Fees + Best Education = CIT

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Course Module of  Node.js Course :

Our Node JS Course in Kolkata Curriculum or Course Module is designed for all category of students (Graduate, BCA, B.Tech, B.E), who wants to learn that.

Node.js is actually not a framework or a library, but a runtime environment, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

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Node JS

  • Introduction
    • Important Fundamentals
    • What is ES or ECMAScript
    • Why ES or ECMAScript
    • What is Node JS
    • Why Node JS
  • Introduction to GitHub and Git Bash
    • What is GitHub
    • Why and use cases of GitHub
    • What is Git Bash
    • Why and use cases of Git Bash
  • Node JS Environment Setup
    • Install Node JS locally
    • Adding Node JS to PATH
  • NPM and NPX
    • Introduction to NPM
    • What is NPX
  • IDE Setup
    • What is an IDE
    • Visual Studio Code setup
    • Tips and tricks to boost productivity
  • Introduction to API
    • What is an API
    • Understanding API
    • Why API is the next big thing
  • Concepts Clearing
    • What is the “Front-end” application
    • What is the “Back-end” application
  • Introduction to TypeScript
    • What is TypeScript
    • Why and use cases of TypeScript
  • Introduction to Angular JS
    • What is Angular JS
    • Use cases of Angular JS
  • Introduction to React JS
    • What is React JS
    • Use cases of React JS
  • Introduction to Vue JS
    • What is Vue JS
    • Use cases of Vue JS
  • Introduction to Express JS
    • What is Express JS
    • Use cases of Express JS
  • Introduction to MongoDB
    • What is MongoDB
    • Use cases of MongoDB

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